An EPUB can contain additional information about your book in the form of metadata. E-reader, websites and e-book management software can then use this information to for example improve your user experience. For example, Calibre can sort e-books based on author, publisher, title, etc.

Metadata Passage

If you create a special passage in Twine with the name metadata that contains this metadata, Spiner will automatically put that information on the resulting EPUB output.

identifier1 or moreUnique identifier for your book such as UUID, DOI, ISBN or ISSN.
title1 or moreTitle of your book.
language1 or moreLanguage of your book in the form specified by RFC5646 (e.g. en-US).
contributor0 or more
creator0 or more
date0 or more
description0 or more
format0 or more
publisher0 or more
rights0 or more
subject0 or more
type0 or more

For example, your metadata passage could contain the following content:

    <title>My Title</title>
    <identifier scheme="isbn">9780000000001</identifier>
    <creator>The creator</creator>
    <contributor>A contributor</contributor>
    <publisher>The publisher</publisher>
    <description>Lorum ipsum dolor sit amet.</description>