Getting Started with Spiner

This page will help you get started with Spiner. You'll be up and running in a jiffy!

Spiner is a tool that allows you to easily author you own Choose Your Own Adventure books using Twine 2 by transforming your published Twine story into an EPUB ebook.


No scripting

Note that Spiner does not support all Twine 2 features. Most importantly is scripting, which is not supported since the primary focus of this project is EPUB2. So if you are looking for a tool that converts just any dynamic Twine story into an EPUB, Spiner can't help you unfortunately.

If you are however looking for a tool that makes authoring a traditional adventure book easier to manage, then read on!


The following features are currently supported:

  • Markdown—an easy syntax write and format your gamebook, just like Twine's official story formats.
  • Twine links—use regular Twine links, they are automatically converted to the correct format.
  • Story Stylesheet—your story stylesheet is automatically included on every page in your EPUB.
  • Images—both local (images on your harddrive) and remote images (images on the internet) are be embedded in the EPUB by using standard markdown syntax for images.
  • Metadata—any EPUB metadata can be set from inside a normal Twine passage named 'metadata' using XML.

Download & Installation


Convert your Twine story in

  1. Write your story in Twine.
  2. Publish your story by clicking on Publish to File in Twine.
  3. Open Spiner and select your published Twine file.
  4. Click on Transform.
  5. Done! A new .epub file is created with the same name as your published Twine story.
MarkdownPlease refer to Markdown page.
Twine linksPlease refer to How To Create Links on the Twine wiki.
Story StylesheetPlease refer to Change the Font, Colors, or Appearance on the Twine wiki.
ImagesPlease refer to Images page.
MetadataPlease refer to Metadata page.


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