Markdown is a popular way to create formatted text using a simple plain text syntax.

Spiner uses a text-based format called Markdown to format text. It is the same format used by Twine 2's Harlowe story format, so you might already be familiar with all formatting features supported by Spiner.

Due to the nature of how this special format is converted to Epub there might be some minor differences between Twine 2 and Spiner. This guide tries to explain how to use all the available formatting available in Spiner and how they look in their EPUB format.


Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Sed accumsan, lacus eget tempor vulputate, tortor ipsum bibendum ex, quis aliquet mi nunc ut risus.

Donec quam mauris, sollicitudin a purus sit amet, luctus mattis nisi. Integer scelerisque diam at tempor cursus.


# H1

Lorum ipsum

## H2

Lorum ipsum

### H3

Lorum ipsum

#### H4

Lorum ipsum

##### H5

Lorum ipsum

###### H6

Lorum ipsum


Some of these words *are emphasized*.
Some of these words _are emphasized also_.

Use two asterisks for **strong emphasis**.
Or, if you prefer, __use two underscores instead__.


* Eggs
* Bacon
* Milk

1. Monday
2. Tuesday
3. Wednesday


You are in a dark cave. You see a rope leading down a dark hole, and a ladder leading up.

[[Climb up the ladder]]

[[Climb down the rope|dead]]